Style, Quality & For Humanity

These are the principals that guide the design and production
of our clothing.

It all begins with a child

Colored Organics began as one mother’s effort to ensure the health, safety and comfort of her child and blossomed into a mission to provide a line of modern, sweatshop free, organic cotton clothing to consumers around the world.

Our founder, Amanda Barthelemy
Our Story

Our founder, Amanda Barthelemy, is a devoted mother of two, wife, advocate and discerning businesswoman with the motivation to protect what is most precious, family. Inspired by the birth of her first born daughter Sienna, Amanda set out to provide a healthy start to her newborn baby’s life. She began to educate herself about the many products she had the option to use in the care of her daughter. Organic products seemed to adhere to a higher standard of quality and help to promote developmental health. Quality and safety were her utmost concern.

The inception of Colored Organics came about when Amanda read an article describing the benefits of organic cotton. She was moved by the impact of using ethically produced clothing has on the farmers who grow the cotton, the workers who make the garments and their families.

It was disheartening to think of a sweatshop where a child only a few years older than her daughter was being forced to work or a child losing a father or mother due to pesticide use in unsafe conditions. She aimed to help shed light on this matter.

After some additional research to understand the wealth of benefits organic cotton could provide to other informed eco-conscious consumers, she founded Colored Organics on the premise that organic clothing could appeal to the mainstream mom. Her passion and commitment to the well being of her family and yours has created a global brand, which is now sold in over 74 countries around the world. Under her leadership, Colored Organics® has established itself as a champion for Fair Trade, producing only sweatshop-free clothing, and adheres to the highest global standards of organic textile production (GOTS).

"One of the greatest joys I receive from Colored Organics is that my daughter, who was my inspiration for the founding of this company, looks at what it has become and believes she can achieve anything she puts her mind to. One day, I hope to repay the favor and be her inspiration for something great."

Amanda Barthelemy, Founder
Our Mission

Our mission at Colored Organics is to create clothing with a happy history. We start with certified organic cotton, grown without harmful pesticides and herbicides. This cotton is then carefully woven into unique and attractive pieces in our 100% Sweatshop free facilities. All our production facilities offer fair wages, safe working environments, and extended health care plans to all its employees. It is our pleasure to deliver a product that is guaranteed to benefit both the consumer and those involved in its production - this is our Fair Trade™ promise.

Our Style

Color, quality, comfort and simplicity are the hallmarks of Colored Organics style. We offer high quality, fashionable and comfortable clothing in variety of vibrant colors and attractive patterns for everyday wear. Attention to the fine details in our basic, yet sophisticated designs coupled with high quality fabrics, ensures the height of comfort and wearability.