Our Clothing Changes Lives

A child's future starts with You.

50% of the profits from Your purchase help to build orphanges
for abandoned children in India.

You Shop.

We Give.

They Thrive.

You Share.

"I believe there is hope in our ability to think beyond ourselves and take responsibility for the long and short term impacts of the purchases we make."

Amanda Barthelemy, Founder

There are
25 Million Orphans
In India.

abandoned children end up in 1 of 3 places

forced child labor
begging for food
sex trafficking

how you can help

when you shop


we give 50% of profits




clean water
3x meals daily
medical expenses
lots of love

Lasting Change is a Process.

We're creating a cycle of ongoing change and opportunity for everyone involved in the production of our clothing.

Colored Organics system of change

We believe BIG change is possible through small consistent steps in the right direction. Our desire to improve the lives of everyone we touch is at the of everything we do.